Alveo-VENT AV1000

Anesthesia Ventilator

Alveo-VENT AV1000 is a Microprocessor based pneumatically operated, Volume and Time Cycled Electronic control Anesthesia which is a user friendly and suitable for adult and pediatric patients.


  • Digital LED bar graph to monitor and control the patient’s airway pressure.
  • High Pressure limit can be digitally settable through LED Bar graph.
  • BPM display to set the Respiration Rate digitally.
  • Three independent keys and LED to select the desire I:E ratio.
  • Tidal volume can be fixed by adjusting the Inspiratory flow control.
  • Alarm mutes available for two minutes.

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Tidal Volume: 50 to 1200 ml
Frequency: 8 to 40 BPM
I: E Ratio: 1:1, 1:2 and 1:3
Pressure Display: -20 to 60 mBar in LED graph
High Pressure Limit: 20 to 60 mBar
Alarms: High Pressure, Low Pressure, Active patient and driving gas low
Power Input: 90 to 260 VAC 50/60 Hz
Driving Gas Input: 3 Bar Pressure

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